How to Change Terabox Password? Enhance Account Security in 2024

If you have signed up on Terabox by using your Gmail and due to some circumstances TeraBox is not accepting your Password, then there is option available to you to change/ reset your password. Just follow these simple steps to change/reset your password.

  • 1. Click on the Terabox login and enter your Gmail.
  • 2. Then click on ‘’Forget your Password’’.
  • 3. Terabox will send you an E-mail to reset your Password.
  • 4. Click on the link provided in your Email sent by Terabox.
  • 5. Now, Reset your password.

If you have signed up on Terabox using your Google/Facebook account then you don’t have need to change your Terabox password directly.

If you registered on Terabox with your phone number, just enter your phone number and you will get a code in your messages to verify it is you.

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